All That Glitters…

IMG_2272DSCN1748DSCN1744DSCN1770DSCN177713332944_10209908218886431_1828305311065170076_n13346788_10209908221006484_1449231853067684637_nDSCN1741So yes… it’s been a full week since my first blog post and I wish I could have posted sooner, but my photographer (my amazing sister Erin) is still in school. I have been wracking my brain trying to decide what to post and it hit me: who doesn’t love sparkles? And by sparkles I mean sequins, and by sequins I mean prom dresses.

Yup, I went to senior prom a little more than a week ago and it was absolutely amazing accept for the disappointing fact that I only took two photos of just myself in my dress. Luckily I happen to really like those two photos, but my advice to anyone out there is to make sure you take photos of yourself or else you will definitely be sad as you scroll through your camera roll the next morning with makeup streaked across your face.

Shopping for a senior prom dress can really seem like a disaster waiting to happen, but I couldn’t of been happier with the dress I ended up with. My mom had dragged me to our local bridal/prom store one freezing and dreary Saturday in January and I was certainly not in a shopping mood, which you’ll learn is a rarity. After trying on dresses I had seen in the window months before, nothing was looking the way I wanted it to and I was ready to head out and go to bed if I’m being honest.

Just as I am grabbing my purse and walking to the door, the owner of the store runs down the steps, a bronze and silver sequin gown shining over her arm. She insisted that I try it on, and thank goodness I did. The dress coordinated perfectly with my pale skin and red hair, and luckily my mom was in a great mood and quickly sealed the deal on that purchase.

Come prom night, with my hair curled and my makeup freshly applied (by myself, might I add) I couldn’t be happier with the way each sequin glinted in the sunlight and, more importantly, the lights of the dance floor. Senior prom is one of very few times in your life where you get to feel like a movie star… Enjoy every minute of it, because it will be over faster than you read this post. 🙂





Hey World! (Introducing Me…)


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Hey World! (Introducing Me…)

DSCN1884DSCN1873DSCN1887DSCN1892DSCN1894DSCN1899DSCN1908Hello everyone who happened to stumble onto this page! I’m Megan and this is!

Now blogging is clearly new to me, but I’ve been so inspired lately by the likes of Hello October and Lydia Elise Millen that I’ve decided why wait and daydream of creating when I could start today? And so my blog has been born…

High school has officially ended for me as of thirty-one hours ago (I still cannot believe I am now a BHS alumni… ahh!) and I’m ready to take the world by storm. I’ve spent the entirety of my life so far in the most beautiful, coastal town of Beverly, Massachusetts which, thankfully, is only a twelve dollar ticket and thirty-five minute train ride from Boston, a city I’m proud to be a part of. In three months I’m headed to Philadelphia for college to do whatever it is I end up doing and I’m so excited for the new adventures that await me!

Summer has started for me today and needless to say I’m beyond happy it’s finally here. My days from here until school starts consist of the beach (a place pale redheads are never found without a bucket of sunscreen), at work scooping ice cream (it’s actually really fun), the gym (I hope), and countless hours with my best friends (and Netflix) by my side. I absolutely love to spend too much of my time browsing Bloglovin’, online shopping every sale, and pondering what those cute, little Pinterest DIYs would actually turn out like if I were to try them.

So I’ve been trying to avoid making this sound like an online dating profile and I don’t want to ramble on forever because, truth be told, I am known to do that. With this blog I’m just hoping to create an avenue to express my passion for everything that makes me smile – from fashion to beauty to fitness and just my day-to-day travels. Right now, I’m an eighteen year old girl headed in so many different directions that sometimes my head spins, but I hope you all will stick with it and follow wherever my footsteps carry me.

Until next time…


Megan 😉


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