A Little Bit of (Pink!) Layers Never Hurt Anyone


Winter weather creates two moods in me: complete misery or the more common, and much more exciting, complete excitement to wrap myself up in as many layers as possible. Clearly I’ve been feeling the latter.

My winter wardrobe was lacking a little fun and luckily, post-Christmas, I had a little bit of a Merry-Christmas-to-Me shopping trip. What did I find? Pretty much every shade and tone of the color-of-the-moment, millennial pink!

For Christmas, my amazing parents gave me a pair of pink (!) Adidas Gazelle Sneakers and I was searching for that perfect ~something~ that would really make an outfit. So I pulled up to the mall and did just that. I was lucky enough to stumble on theĀ softest pale pink scarf decorated with stars at the Gap. The best part? It seemed to be the only one left and was on sale!

I am taking full advantage of this pink trend. I think pairing pink with pink (and then maybe some more pink) is a bright little way to lighten up a rather dreary winter wardrobe. It certainly is a small way to lift my mood, whenever the weather gets me down!

Long time, no chat

Wow. It has quite literally been ages since I have wrote on here, and I am frankly missing it tons.

What happened in the past year since I’ve been here last: college. I spent the last year hard at work in my first year of school and never seemed to find the time for my blog, but the new school year means a fresh, new start.

I’ve been doing some thinking and I feel like I want to focus my blog in as more a fashion/lifestyle blog, not to say I won’t throw something random in here and there.

This is just a quick update before I move back into school, but in the coming weeks expect to see a lot more of me.